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Thanks to Mark Germain for this nice write up in the Saint Jacob Project!

High Praise For Aaron Price’s New Release, or Not Interested? Mark Germain August 20


The new release, “Not So Much On The Knee” marks the third effort in as many attempts by the composer. Before putting the needle to the vinyl on this one, I rang Price to see why he chose such a slant.”The knee just doesn’t seem to be getting it for many people these days. I realized it within myself recenrtly and I’ve found that many do concur.”

Indeed, if you’ve had your hand extended into this area, you may have noticed the same. This latest offering certainly reminds us all that the knee is indeed in decline, but the irrelevance here is undeniable. Price is bidding farewell to the indispensable, and seems to be dreaming of a newer, more femural paradigm. A clear example are the modalities he presents on the riveting yet somehow unworthy “Piece of Dare”. One thing can be taken for another as the canvas seems endless. Is this Yoko Ono playing chess against a deviled egg? My heart is still beating.

Of the more breathtaking segments on this LP is the margin dividing tracks 9 and 10. here, Price seems to beg for your attention, while at the same time dismissing your disinterest by asking “Just how much free time do you have?” the start diads pile up one upon the other, cascading uopn themselves into the continued sonic divide.Whether or not the knee is still a sartorial hot spot or NOT, Price unfortunately does not offer an alternative locale. I found myself alternately pining for the elbow (obvious), wrist, and ankle, but grew wistful when considering the jaw, which, afterall seems unlikely in the endgame.

Lilah sings "Swingin On A Star"



SoundCheck Live at the Altamont Theater in Asheville

Hi everybody. I’m really excited to be producing the SoundCheck Concert Series at the Altamont Theater in downtown Asheville. This Thursday we offer the 5th installment, featuring Chuck Brodsky, Amanda Platt and Pete James of The Honeycutters, and Brooklyn NY’s own Rebecca Pronsky. Showtime is Thursday Sept 29. Tickets are $15 a the door. Doors open at 6:30, showtime at 7:30.

Chuck Brodsky  is a regional favorite that many compare to Woodie Guthrie and Bob Dylan. His lyrics will blow you away.

Amanda Platt and Pete James of the Honeycutters are two of the area’s fastest rising stars. Trust me. I fell in love with their music from the first note.

I don’t know Rebecca Pronsky from Adam BUT

She comes highly recommended from some of Asheville’s most revered entertainers. She also comes from Brooklyn NY and has a hell of a voice.Having listened to some of her online content I can vouch for that!

The format for SoundCheck is an extended-round format that I’m developing throught this series. Each artist delivers one 20-minute set per act of a two act concert. IE Chuck will give 2 20-minute slots over the course of the night.

The Altamont theater is a beautiful new venue located at 18 Church Street in downtown Asheville. IT is the finest black-box-music venue that Asheville has to offer, also featuring an art gallery and separate bar. Brian Lee and Tiffany Hampton, proprietors, have gone to great lengths to get LEEDS (read: GREEN) certification in this historic downtown building. You gotta see it!

We gotta see you on Thursday!

Introducing “Beautiful Charmer”, the new album from Nikki Talley

Well, it feels GOOD to get this record finished. With a slew of great players and Nikki’s million-dollar voice, we made this record at Collapseable Studios starting in January of this year. No, we didn’t work straight through for 11 months. we took a few breaks, listened a lot, tweaked to NEAR EXCESS, and waited patiently for the likes of Jim Lauderdale and Billy Cardine to grace us with their accompaniment. Thanks to Jeff Rudolph, Brian White, Richard Foulk, Ian Herod, Mike Barnes, Jon Stickley, Mike Holstein, Bruce Kaphan, Paco Shipp, Jason Krekel, Jeff Knorr, Jason Sharp, and Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering for the finishing touches.  for helping out with this killer record. It’s one of the best sounding records I’ve worked on, and I’ve probably never worked harder on a record. There’s a track below, have a listen! Congrats Nikki! Buy it HERE.

Santa Fe, from Nikki Talley’s release Beautiful Charmer. Produced by Aaron Price with Nikki Talley